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Winter costume


My Christmas Costume

Photographer: Henrik Jensen   I attended the Medieval Christmas Fair in Visby this weekend and it was soooo magical! It didn’t feel like winter at all, with the dull and rainy weather and wet streets, but I did some ”snow dancing” during the late friday evening. My friends watched me with this ”she’s crazy or at least a bit silly”-look on their faces, but I really think the God of snow was amused! Because on saturday night and sunday the…

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Epic warriors of the forest

  So Lovisa and Therese (the other members of Sagosystrar) came to visit me this weekend and for the first time in a very long time there was just the three of us (our boyfriends have recently been a part of the group). We dedicated the whole weekend to epic photography sessions and movie making. And of course we tried to enjoy the time in the forest as well 😉 I always get this euphoric feeling when we’re in the…

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