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Tutorial – Making a silk banner

What would a fairytale and medieval loving group of friends be without their own banner? Not much I’d say! So I decided to make one. Banners and flags through history came in many shapes and sizes. (Read more about Heraldic Flags on Wikipedia). We wanted to be somewhat indpired by history, but had no need to be strictly historical correct. So this tutorial is maybe not for the super accurate history reenacter, but for you fantasy geeks and medieval interested…

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My Christmas Costume

Photographer: Henrik Jensen   I attended the Medieval Christmas Fair in Visby this weekend and it was soooo magical! It didn’t feel like winter at all, with the dull and rainy weather and wet streets, but I did some ”snow dancing” during the late friday evening. My friends watched me with this ”she’s crazy or at least a bit silly”-look on their faces, but I really think the God of snow was amused! Because on saturday night and sunday the…

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