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Therese Andersson


My warrior maiden outfit

  This dress is the latest addition to my wardrobe and I’m totally in love with it! This makes me feel beautiful and powerful and strong, like a true shield maiden. Unfortunately it’s a bit hidden under the cloak in these pics. But it is a simple dress with straight sleeves. Both the front and back are in one piece, with wedges on the sides and one in the back to get some width to the skirt. I really like the…

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A night to remember

  A chapter has ended. Tonight we saw the last of the Hobbit-movies. The last piece in the story of Middle Earth. A story that has been a part of both mine and Elin, and Lovisa’s lives since we were 14-15 years old. The books and movies are still there but tonight it felt empty when we sat there as the ending titels rolled by. Quitet and sad we walked out of the theatre and into the stormy night. It…

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