Therese Andersson


Also known as: Miaulin
Born: October 7th 1987
Profession: Architect
Things I love: Tea, the sound of rustling leaves, cats and different hues of blue and green.

If I was born in a fantasy world I would be: a Hobbit
My favourite fantasy character: Sansa Stark
My favourite fantasy creature: Forest spirit (Skogsrå), Brook horse
Most inspiring song: Forth Eorlingas by Howard Shore

I am a true Hobbit at heart. I never do anything unexpected and love to be absorbed by a great book in a comfy couch, with lots of good food to eat. When Elin and Lovisa get their crazy dance-and-sing moments I am the one who sits by the side watching, laughing and photographing them. I am a calm spirit, with an adventurous mind.

When I was younger I was often lost in books and most of all lost in the adventures of Middle Earth. I would read, a lot, and dreamed of other worlds. As I started the University and Architecture School, the reading got further down on my list of priorities, and a part of me was a little sad about that world being lost. Getting to know my two sisters has been one of the best things that happened in the past years. They show me all the time that the fairy tale is real if you want it to be. We will always have each other when we want to escape into another time and place.

In the real world I am an Architect. It is hard and exciting and boring and fun all at the same time. I love that it is possible to both be a part of the “culture elite” and drool about slim designs and weird materials and colours, and at the same time be the biggest geek who loves carved dark wood and leaves and swirls. Both sides are a part of me, and I love the world that we create with Sagosystrar.

Middle Earth and Westeros really exist; you only need to look closely.


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