My warrior maiden outfit


This dress is the latest addition to my wardrobe and I’m totally in love with it! This makes me feel beautiful and powerful and strong, like a true shield maiden. Unfortunately it’s a bit hidden under the cloak in these pics. But it is a simple dress with straight sleeves. Both the front and back are in one piece, with wedges on the sides and one in the back to get some width to the skirt. I really like the deep blue linen fabric, it is a quite thin type of linen which makes it great to wear during summer, even though it is a dark colour.

I also wanted a fur piece a la Sansa Stark, so I took some leftover faux fur that had been lying around for ages and cut it out as a fur stole.

The other pieces for this costume are knitted wrist warmers that I made my self in an alpaca/silk mix yarn. Leather wrist cuffs also made by me. Medieval leather belt and pouch bought at a medieval fair, and lastly the larger belt which is actually from Zara (!) a few years ago.

We learn’t during the years that it really is the accessories that makes all the difference. You can make the simplest dress and cloak look epic just by adding a lot of historic looking accessories. The three of us aren’t overly concerned with making the costumes historically accurate, our goal is to make them feel old and medieval. We create the visions we have in mind for each costume, searching for that feeling or story rather than making things that are correct for 1354 or so.

This costume really is all of that for me. I feel like a warrior. It is easy to wear and there are no long sleeves in the way when wielding a sword or drawing your bow. I don’t really know how I will make a piece of clothing that I like more than this. But then again, there is always that dress och costume that you long for, and therefor must try to make.


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