When the fog found me

My weather app was showing fog but there was none outside my window. I gazed up over the mountains and there, a little further away everything was all white! I threw the camera strap over my head, put an apple down my pocket and ran to the car. I didn’t know exactly where to drive so I just went went with the flow, until I reached that area where I sometimes take lunch walks at work. There the world was shrouded in mystery, and I began to explore.

At one point I didn’t get further than a sign, warning about an ongoing hunt. I didn’t dare to go any longer in that direction so I had to turn around and walk back to a forest which I knew was a little further back on the road.

I followed the path that I usually walk, but my instinct told me to go right, instead of left like I normally do…
And what a view I was rewarded with!

The valley and the forest on the other side where completely embedded by the fog. It chased forward over the treetops, like waves on a whirling ocean.
It was breathtaking.

I stayed and enjoyed the view for a while. Took some pictures of the pines. Ate my apple, sitting on a rock. Everything was so peaceful.

I walked back into the forest again, where the fog now had swept in. It looks like a ghost forest, doesn’t it?

If you find yourself lost in the fog, trust it instead. Follow it, and it will lead you to magical things. It will lead you home.

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  • Sruthi
    27 april, 2017 at 21:22

    Wow I love these photos. I love your instagram profile. Could you tell me where you take these photos? Which country?

    • Therese Andersson
      3 maj, 2017 at 14:27

      Thank you so much! These are from a forest near Jönköping in Småland in Sweden 🙂