Elin Hood


Three self-portraits from this evening. It’s sooo hard to take pictures of yourself with a 2-seconds-remote control and at the same time pose with the longbow. 2 seconds is nothing. In two seconds you have to drop your remote on the ground, concentrate on your body pose, relax your face, maybe swing your hair in the air and then get your hands right on the bow. This time I didn’t draw my bow… that’s advanced…. haha. But it’s fun! I like the challenge.

So many things have come to life since the spring entered this world. Now i WANT to take a walk in the forest again. I almost thought I’d lost my nature loving side for a wile and really got scared.. but no. Like every year you have to blame the weather and the temperature. The winter is soooo looooong here in Sweden and you totaly forget how it feels when it’s decent ouside. Don’t you northern people agree? You forget about summer and can’t even imagine how it’s possible to swim in the lakes and the sea.

But yeah, now the spring is approaching and I get so inspired! Suddenly I don’t want to do anything else but practice archery, make new costumes and run out in the forest. <3


Images shot with:
 Canon EOS 5D Mark II + Tamron AF 45/1,8 SP DI VC USD


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