A night to remember


A chapter has ended. Tonight we saw the last of the Hobbit-movies. The last piece in the story of Middle Earth. A story that has been a part of both mine and Elin, and Lovisa’s lives since we were 14-15 years old. The books and movies are still there but tonight it felt empty when we sat there as the ending titels rolled by. Quitet and sad we walked out of the theatre and into the stormy night.

It has always been a special feeling, watching a new movie from Middle Earth. I remember when I was 16 and we queued outside of the theatre in my small home town when we were supposed to be in school. And that last night as we watched the two extended editions before Return of the King had its premiere. I sat there in the cinema in my grandmothers old wool cloak wrapped around me. I looked in awe at  the ones who came dressed up as elves with pointy ears and fancy dresses.

You can easily say that we have lived out that dream now, dressing up at the premiere of both Desolation of Smaug and Battle of the Five Armies. We definitley attracted some attention in the theatre, getting a hell of a lot of compliments. And we saw a few fellow elves and Hobbits, distant cousins maybe. We waved to them but didn’t have the time to catch up on the latest new from other parts of Middle Earth. I was truly a night to remember, like old Bilbo’s party.


And oh, in honour of the last movie, of course I made a Bag End ginger bread house this Christmas 🙂