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  • Crafts Tutorials

    Tutorial – Making a silk banner

    What would a fairytale and medieval loving group of friends be without their own banner? Not much I’d say! So I decided to make one. Banners and flags through history came…

  • Costumes

    My warrior maiden outfit

      This dress is the latest addition to my wardrobe and I’m totally in love with it! This makes me feel beautiful and powerful and strong, like a true shield maiden. Unfortunately…

  • Nature

    Frosty mist

    I had a photo adventure in the frozen mist. The world was all beautiful and white. Wide open fields and slumbering trees. Inside the woods, everything was a bit darker. There…

  • Costumes

    My Christmas Costume

    Photographer: Henrik Jensen   I attended the Medieval Christmas Fair in Visby this weekend and it was soooo magical! It didn’t feel like winter at all, with the dull and rainy…

  • Nature

    When the fog found me

    My weather app was showing fog but there was none outside my window. I gazed up over the mountains and there, a little further away everything was all white! I threw…

  • Movie Making

    The Sisters of the Forest

      I just love film making more for each day. It’s like I just fell in love with someone new; you’re curious, everything is very exciting and everything is developing so…

  • Photoshoot

    Epic warriors of the forest

      So Lovisa and Therese (the other members of Sagosystrar) came to visit me this weekend and for the first time in a very long time there was just the three…

  • Photoshoot

    Elin Hood

      Three self-portraits from this evening. It’s sooo hard to take pictures of yourself with a 2-seconds-remote control and at the same time pose with the longbow. 2 seconds is nothing.…